Club lighting operator - Audio/Video/Sound technician/DJ

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Lookout Tavern is searching for a talented individual to be the house AV technician / club lighting operator. We are looking for a person who has a passion for sound and lighting technology, possibly someone who is interested in becoming a DJ or has some DJ experience. No professional experience is necessary, but technical knowledge, and the desire to learn and be creative is a must. This would be a great gig for a student or someone with spare time on the weekends.

Lookout Tavern operates as a nightclub Friday and Saturday night, and has other special nights like a country Thursday, and Karaoke Tuesday. We have a state of the art, sound, lighting and TV distribution system. On our club nights, you would be responsible for helping the DJ get connected with the house AV equipment, setting and balancing sound levels, setting and operating club lighting programs and TV visuals. Especially on busy nights, your job is to work along side the DJ and ensure volume levels are appropriate, and lighting complements and enhances the music and the overall experience. This includes operating geyser foggers and other effects in time with the music. Being familiar with current music is important.

We are really looking for someone to take ownership of the technology, be creative, have pride in what you do. Being creative and coming up with new ideas, program new lighting scenes, design new visual effects for the TV displays. Make this your baby and get some experience under your belt.


Being available from 9pm-2am on Friday and Saturday nights is essential. Thursday, or other nights that events are going on might require your help also.

-Excellent knowledge of DJ, Sound and technology in general

-Knowledge of DMX or other lighting controls is highly recommended, at least basic concepts.

-Knowledge of sound mixing, cabling, equalizing, and other audio equipment


This is seen as an intern or contractor type position. There are no set hours, you are not clocking in and out.

Pay or other compensation can be discussed and could be a combination of things. Including cash, free food, or a bar tab.

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